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Our acol properties are totally refurbished individual houses/buildings, principally in the north of England and the Midlands. The properties are ideal for investors seeking an attractive and secure rental income stream.

Property Development

We offer short-term funding opportunities. The funds are used to acquire and develop our properties on a secured basis and with no other debt.
St Mary's
Majestic Court HMO,

St David is a property development and investment group based in the UK. We focus on developing higher rental income, co-living properties in the North of England and the Midlands.  We also offer our clients development funding opportunities.

Established Since 1992

We were established in 1992 in Hong Kong and offered UK residential properties to investors based there.  In 1995 we set up a UK acquisition/development office and our own in-house property management operation.

Since 1997 we have been developing and marketing our own residential properties. Whilst our headquarters are now in the UK,  the majority of our clients are based overseas.

Our opportunities and projects, which can be accessed individually or where appropriate through a St. David private syndicate, include:

  • the acquisition of properties we develop, whether whole developments or individual units
  • the provision of short-term fixed development funding
  • using our services to acquire and refurbish properties under a management agreement.

Full disclosure and professional integrity are of prime importance to us, and we have a ‘no surprises’ policy for our clients. Our operation is driven by the concept of ‘delivering the promise’. For more than twenty years we have been building long term relationships based on this concept.

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