"An attractive and secure rental income stream for our clients whilst providing quality, convenient and value for money accommodation for our tenants"

Mr. Tony Davies - Managing Director

Our acol by St David properties cater for the co-living/HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) sector.

The ongoing housing shortage in the UK has created unprecedented demand for accommodation in this sector, particularly from young people. With the limited number of new homes being built there is little likelihood of the housing shortage being resolved in the foreseeable future. This has led to the proliferation of HMOs, which offer individual rooms with shared facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms. The sector now appeals to a wide cross section of tenants. Its increasing popularity has resulted in the sector expanding in recent times and there are now over 60,000 properties operating as HMOs.

The principal attraction for HMO landlords is the secure and highly attractive rental income stream. Renting multiple rooms can result in a higher rental figure than that of a single occupancy.

Our acol properties are principally located in the north of England where rental yields are higher. They are freehold houses which we totally refurbish to provide four bedrooms (some with en-suites) and shared kitchen/dining and bathroom facilities. They comply with all licensing and fire regulation requirements. Importantly for our clients, we let and manage the properties to ensure their investment is a trouble-free one. acol properties offer our clients a secure and attractive stream of around 7.5% after all costs, with guaranteed rental options.
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Up to £5m

Larger acol properties can accommodate up to thirty tenants. The layouts vary, with most having communal dining/ kitchen facilities and en-suited rooms with kitchenettes. They require planning consent and mandatory licensing.

Up to £200,000

acol houses have up to six bedrooms with communal facilities. They are located in the north west of England, principally in the Liverpool – Greater Manchester region where there is strong demand for co-living/HMO properties.  They do not require planning consent but may require mandatory licensing.

£50,000 plus

We offer our clients private syndicate structures which acquire one or more of our acol properties. They run for five years with a three year exit option. The syndicates are suitable for sophisticated investors, are not offered to the general public and are not regulated.