"An attractive and secure rental income stream for our clients whilst providing quality, convenient and value for money accommodation for our tenants"

Our acol by St David properties cater for the co-living sector.

There is an ongoing shortage of housing in the UK, with only 150,000 houses per year currently being built. The country needs in excess of 250,000 built every year. This has resulted in a growing demand for smaller sized accommodation. With the high cost of buying and renting a property, many people are prepared to sacrifice space for convenience, quality, and value.

Shared accommodation units (with communal facilities), as well as studio and one-bedroom apartments, are accordingly enjoying unprecedented rental demand, particularly from young people, semi-professionals, and related employee classes.

Our acoco-living properties help satisfy this demand. They are freehold houses and commercial buildings which we have totally refurbished. They are principally located in the North of England and the Midlands, where rental yields are higher.

Some of our co-living developments comprise apartments that offer en-suited rooms and some are licensed HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) with shared kitchen and dining facilities. All our properties comply with building and fire regulations.

For all our properties and opportunities we provide a comprehensive, transparent service.  This includes all aspects of acquiring and owning our properties. Everything is designed to ensure the investment process is trouble-free and profitable for our clients.

The principal attraction for our acoproperty clients is the secure and attractive rental income stream.

To ensure ‘peace of mind’ for our clients we are able to offer guaranteed rental options, with master tenancy agreements for agreed periods.

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£50,000 plus

We offer our clients private syndicate structures which acquire one or more of our acol properties. They run for five years with a three-year exit option. The syndicates are suitable for sophisticated investors, are not offered to the general public and are not regulated.

£250,000 to £500,000

acol properties in this investment range can typically accommodate up to twelve tenants. They include fully self-contained properties and others that have communal kitchens and dining facilities.

£500,000 to around £2.5m

Larger acol properties can accommodate up to thirty tenants. The layouts vary, with most having communal dining/ kitchen facilities and en-suited rooms with kitchenettes.

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