Development and Funding Opportunities

We have been developing properties for over twenty years and have a wealth of 
experience in this sector. We can offer our clients the following opportunities:


To fund the acquisition and refurbishment of our projects we raise capital from our clients.  in the form of secured loans. We do not use bank or other similar forms of debt that have priority of over our clients’ security. We take on the development risk and our clients receive a fixed interest rate regardless of the performance of the project.
  • Investment period – 18 months to two years
  • Interest rate – 8% p.a. (After UK withholding tax has been paid so there is no UK tax liability for offshore tax residents)
  • Minimum investment – £40,000
Our fixed interest opportunities are only available to professional and sophisticated investors as defined in the jurisdictions in which they reside.
Island ViewFor those clients who wish to maximise their investment return, we offer joint venture development opportunities.

Using clients’ funds, we acquire, refurbish and sell co-living properties. From the sale proceeds our clients receive an agreed return before we participate in a profit share arrangement.

As direct participants/partners in specific projects, these opportunities will provide enhanced returns.  However, they are a higher risk than our fixed interest opportunities as the return is not fixed and is subject to the financial performance of the project. The typical investment period is 18 months to two years and the minimum investment is £40,000.

We offer a service that includes all aspects of sourcing suitable buildings and refurbishing them as co-living properties for our clients.

Our clients acquire the property and we charge an agreed fixed management fee for organising the refurbishment. As the owner of the property, our clients are responsible for all costs associated with the project.

The projects are ideal for those clients who want a more ‘hand on’ role and involvement in the development process and cost control.

As the ‘developer’, the client may enjoy enhanced returns. However, the risks will be higher than with our fixed interest opportunities as the client is the owner and developer of the property.