Development funds

We are a risk-averse development group and do not use bank debt or other forms of financing. Our clients provide the funds for us to acquire and develop our properties on the basis of either: 

Fixed interest loans


Project management arrangements


Fixed Interest Loans

Our fixed interest loan opportunities are available to overseas investors. 

The loans funds provided by our clients are used exclusively to acquire and develop specific properties.

We limit the size of the projects we undertake to ensure to ensure they take twelve months or less to complete.

Each project requires a different level of funding, but is typically below £1m.

For every project, we enter into a formal loan agreement with our clients that is both transparent and equitable.

Our clients enjoy the security of a fixed charge over the property we are acquiring and a floating charge over the assets of the borrower.

There is no additional bank or other form of debt.

The interest rate is 8% p.a. This is payable quarterly in arrears.  St David will incur the cost of UK withholding tax, which it will remit to HMRC.

Project Management Arrangements

Some clients prefer to take on the development risk and accordingly enjoy greater returns. For such clients, we can identify suitable projects and handle their acquisition, development and eventual resale or letting/management.

For our projects, we charge an agreed set fee payable at various stages of the process.