How Do Our Private Syndicates Work?


Our private syndicates run for a maximum of five years, with a three-year exit option. They are not marketed to the general public and are by invitation only. They are an ideal structure for investors to pool their funds and participate in larger-scale projects which may be out of reach for them as individuals.

Whilst the type of structure may vary according to the location and nature of the project, the benefits of using a private syndicate make them equally appealing to large and small investors.

Since the syndicate is simply the structure that allows investors to own a property, investors should always satisfy themselves that the investment is right for them and establish the bona fides of the syndicate manager. After all, they will be utilising the skills, knowledge, and experience of the syndicate manager, so investing with the right manager is important.

The main benefits include:

  • Access to larger-scale projects
  • Lower investment levels
  • Professional management
  • Fixed time fame
  • Clear exit strategy
  • Formal agreement to protect investors

Our private syndicates are:

  • Unregulated
  • Not marketed to the general public
  • May be illiquid during the investment period
  • Free from day-to-day management of the project

Some of our clients prefer to invest in a hands-off investment through our private syndicates, others prefer direct ownership of properties. The good news is that we can offer both options.


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