Lettings & Management


Building long term relationships

We established our in-house UK property management operation in 1997. Our view was that if we were to establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients we had to ensure their properties were professionally managed. 

This meant providing an efficient and cost-effective management service with the focus on minimizing expenditure and maximizing rental income.

Everything is done to minimize the ongoing costs, whilst at the same time ensuring the property is maintained in a good condition and we have a satisfied tenant. Importantly, we never forget that letting a property quickly at the optimum rental level is vitally important. 

All contact is direct with our UK management team and we assume full responsibility for the ongoing management including providing regular inspection reports, transfer of rental income etc.

Our service is open to all property owners and is not limited to properties we have developed or helped our clients acquire. We are still managing properties that our clients acquired through us in 1997, so we know it is a formula that works.