Lettings and Management


We provide a comprehensive and professional management service for residential properties in London. We serve both local and overseas clients and cover all aspects of letting and managing a property. Our emphasis is on ensuring our clients ownership is a trouble free and profitable experience.

Lettings service

Our aim is to secure a suitable tenant in the shortest period of time and at the optimum rental level. By enlisting the help of other professional firms, including relocation and estate agents, in finding the right tenant we increase the chances of successfully doing this. Once a suitable applicant has been found we vet the person to ensure he or she meets the criteria agreed at the outset with our client. We then handle all aspects of preparing the lease agreement and hand-over of the property to the successful applicant. Our service includes :

  • Preparing an inspection report advising on the condition of the property
  • Preparing photographs and listing the property with other agents
  • Marketing the property for rent
  • Negotiating the rental terms
  • Preparing & signing the tenancy agreement
  • Where necessary having the tenancy agreement stamped and relevant forms submitted for taxation purposes
  • Arranging the opening and closing of utility accounts where appropriate

Management service

Our priority is to ensure that our clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their property is being properly managed on their behalf. We focus on ensuring;

  • Costs are kept to a minimum
  • The property is kept to the required standard
  • The tenant enjoys peaceful occupation of the property with the aim of the tenancy being renewed
  • Our clients are not inconvenienced by day to day management issues
  • All contacts with the tenant is handled by us.
  • All deposit/refund deposit (Rental or Utilities) are paid promptly
  • Inventory and check in and check out reports are prepared to ensure the tenant has kept the property in good order

Rent collection – our service includes;

  • Issuing monthly rental invoices and receipts
  • Issuing reminders if required
  • Managing disputes/legal proceedings
  • Arranging for the payment of service charges/management fees and rates /ground rent where appropriate.

Repairs and Maintenance – our service includes;

  • Ensuring timely response to emergencies
  • Obtaining quotes from reputable maintenance contractor for all repair and maintenance work
  • Monitoring the contractor to ensure prompt and cost effective repairs and maintenance
  • Organising insurance claims where and when appropriate

For information of our fee structure please contact us.


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