London Search Service


St. David provides a comprehensive search service, which includes identifying suitable investment properties, handling all aspects of the purchase and providing a professional lettings and management service.

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The benefit to you in using our Property Search Service:

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  • By using the service you will have unrestricted access to a large range of properties for sale.  You will not be restricted to those properties handled by any one agent.
  • Out of the large number of properties that are available, St. David will identify and provide an objective assessment of those that best meet your requirements.
  • St. David will assess the rental and capital growth prospects and where appropriate will assist with any refurbishment work, furniture package etc.
  • Your valuable time will not be wasted considering unsuitable properties.
  • St. David will negotiate on the client’s behalf to ensure the minimum price is paid for the property.  The cost saving may easily be in excess of St. David’s fee.

Once St David has been appointed it will undertake its research and subsequently forward details of suitable properties that meet the client’s requirements. For every property it recommends it will provide:
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  • Location map
  • External photographs of the street
  • Internal photographs of each room
  • Lay out plan and dimensions
  • Lease details, rental assessment etc.
  • Recommendations re refurbishment work etc.


If the properties are deemed not suitable, St. David will refine the search criteria and provide additional properties for consideration.

Once the property has been chosen St. David will assist with all aspects of the transaction, including price negotiation, appointment of a solicitor, property conveyance and mortgage advice. It can also provide a full lettings and management service.

St. David is only paid if the client buys one or more of the properties it recommends. For details of our fee arrangement please contact us.


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