Meet the senior team

-1384 Tony Davies

Tony Davies

Founder and Managing Director​

‘I set up the business in 1992 and realised at the outset that we needed a strong team if we were going to deliver the promises we made to our clients. I am pleased to say we have achieved that and have some great people who are committed to serving our clients. My duties these days primarily involve project acquisitions and client relations and of course keeping an eye on things and ensuring everything runs smoothly.’

Lyn Tinkler

Group Finance Manager

'As the Finance Manager I focus mainly on the financial aspects of our operation. I previously worked for various development/building groups overseeing their accounting/finance functions.'

Wendy Smith


'I handle all the day-to-day administration needs of client servicing and our investments.'

Oliver Challands

Office Administrator

'I perform general admin duties, with particular emphasis on assisting Lyn and Emma.'


Dan Wainwright

Head of Development

‘I have over twenty years experience as a Chartered Surveyor and joined the group’s UK office in 1995. Over the years I have been involved in numerous development projects and my responsibilities include the appraisal, acquisition and management of our projects.’

Emma Abdoll

General Manager - Construction

'As the General Manager for our construction arm I deal with all day to day operations and administration of our construction/refurbishment projects. I previously worked in a number of senior management roles in both the UK and overseas.'

Jonathan Laybourne

Senior Project Manager

'I handle the day to day management of our development projects in the northwest of England. I have over twenty years experience in the construction industry involving both large and small scale developments.'

Lee Coe

Team Leader

‘I am experienced joiner and oversee a team working on our refurbishment projects, ensuring that they are all completed to the high standards we set.'

Jeff Langley

Team Leader

‘I am experienced joiner and oversee a team working on our refurbishment projects, ensuring that they are all completed to the high standards we set.'

Danny Jervis

Technical Manager

'I help run our development projects, which includes monitoring progress and expenditure, undertaking surveys, and providing technical support.'

Lettings and Management

Denessa Chan

Head of Lettings and Property Management

‘I am responsible for the management of our lettings and property management operation. I joined the group in 2007 and had previously held senior administration positions with several large organisations. I speak Cantonese, Putonghua and English.'

Diana Gordon

General Manager - Property

'I handle the day to day management of our client's properties, and build trusted relationships with colleagues, landlords, tenants, and contractors. Property management has been my profession since 2017, and I have extensive experience with residential and block management.'

Justine Roscoe

Property Manager

'I handle day-to-day administration for the operation, including tenant enquiries, lettings applications, screenings and evictions, and the ongoing maintenance of properties.'

Jackie Lock

Property Manager

'My duties include carrying out rental collections, contracting of repairs for our properties, enforcement of occupancy rules, etc. I'm fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Malay.'

Business Development

Gina Ransley

Head of Business Development

'I work closely with the Senior Management Team to develop the business - from research to funding to acquisition to corporate leases and end sales.'

Ben Jackson

Business Development Manager

‘I focus on our Specialist Supported Housing projects, from locating suitable sites through to establishing relationships with providers and commissioners.’

Hin Li

Sales Manager

'I focus on offering our completed properties and fixed interested opportunities to our clients in Asia and elsewhere in the world.'

Kathryn Mitchell

Operations Manager

'I work on the operations and administration side of the specialist supported living projects alongside Ben, as well as maintaining relationships with the many different providers.'

Advisory Board

Mike Ellis

‘I am a UK solicitor and was formerly a long standing partner of Cripps, a leading firm of solicitors based in the south east of England. I specialise in the property sector and have been involved in numerous transactions for UK and international investors. Since 2008 I have been providing the group with strategic legal and corporate advice regarding the group’s operations and projects.'

Alan Roberts

'I have been a chartered Public Financial Accountant for over 30 years. I have a wealth of experience advising large and small organisations. I joined the group to provide strategic financial and corporate governance advice.'