No hidden investment costs and complete transparency


We have recently offered two fixed-interest opportunities and a number of potential investors have asked the same questions: “are there any other costs which will reduce the 8% you are paying?”

I can fully understand why they might be concerned. Hidden costs such as entry/exit fees and admin expenses are often contained in the fine print of agreements.

My answer is always the same – there are no hidden costs.

For every £1,000 invested by our clients, we will transfer £80 p.a. to their bank account (there are no bank fees if a CHAPS transfer is used). This is paid quarterly in arrears (£20 – 2% per quarter).

We have never failed to make a fixed interest payment and have no intention of not doing so in the future.

As for transparency, our brochures are quite straightforward and do not contain lots of ‘marketing speak’ and glossy pictures.

We realise we can’t build long-term relationships if we adopt ‘sharp’ practices, such as hiding costs and making false statements.

‘Delivering the promise’ is hard to live up to if you over-promise. If you do what you say you will do, everyone will be happy.

If only other things in life were that simple.


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