Not Closed; We’re Ticking Along Safely from Home


I relocated to the UK a few years ago to become more involved in the acquisition/development side of our business and I now understand the sentiment of the news headline ‘Europe cut off’ when there was a fog in the English Channel.

Given the travel restrictions etc., it is easy to feel cut off from everything, even if this is not the case.

The general impression in some sectors of the media is that everything has shut down. However, whilst the situation is clearly serious and some sectors are severely affected, many businesses are functioning relatively normally.

Unfortunately, whilst everyone has made an effort to stay safe, one of our team contracted COVID-19. Thankfully, they now seem to be on the road to recovery and hopefully will soon be back on board full time.

As for our operation, we have closed our office and everyone is working from home. Since we have always adopted a long-term approach to our business, we have no intention of furloughing or losing anyone. Work on our acol properties is ticking along, although this has slowed due to the restrictions and the number of contractors off work, etc.

The good news is that since most of our clients are in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and our whole operation was set up to service them, we are used to handling matters by email, Skype, etc.

It isn’t ideal, but the work is still getting down and everyone’s support in this regard is greatly appreciated.


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