Specialist Supported Housing

"Good quality supported housing is vital: providing a safe, stable and supportive place to live can be the key to unlocking better outcomes for vulnerable people."

We work in partnership with Support Providers, Registered Providers and Local Authority & NHS commissioners to deliver specialist housing for some of society’s most vulnerable people.

We work with our partners to understand their requirements and the local demand for different forms of housing, before sourcing and acquiring sites, and developing projects to suit the specific needs of the intended cohort.

As with our approach to our acoco-living/HMO properties, the St David name and its reputation are extremely important to us; so we pride ourselves on operating with the utmost integrity to deliver a final product of the finest quality to our end users.

We take great satisfaction in building long-term relationships with our partners, through continued cooperation and bringing a sustainable approach to all of our developments.

We are a for-profit business with a social conscience, and our team are incredibly passionate about providing exceptional homes to allow people to live safe, independent, and most importantly happy lives.

We want to be a part of the solution to the limited supply of high-quality specialist-supported housing in the UK. So if you would like to discuss partnering with us on future projects, please get in touch below.

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