Time to get Going with Property Investment


I have been asked a number of times recently whether the current COVID crisis has impacted our business.

My reply has been that we are as busy as usual. We can still acquire and refurbish properties and there is no shortage of investors looking for an attractive and secure rental income.

We are in a much more fortunate position than many others, including retail businesses and restaurants.

The good news is that the UK is making good progress in terms of its vaccination efforts and the lockdown restrictions are being eased. There is still a long way to go, but things are set to get easier.

As for helping our clients, political uncertainty in Hong Kong has not waned and now that Chinese New Year is over, we expect activity from investors based there and elsewhere in Asia to increase even further.

The Year of the Ox will be no different to other years. There will be great opportunities for investors who want a higher income property and can act decisively to acquire it.

It’s time to get going and reap the rewards of investing in the right property.


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