Who We Are at St David Group


One of the advantages of having been in operation for over twenty-five years is that we have gotten to know what our clients are looking for in terms of their property needs.

When we first started out, most were focusing on capital growth with the mortgage payments being covered by the rental income. They didn’t see the need for a secure income stream other than to pay the mortgage.

Over the years, we have all grown older, and some might say wiser. Most of our clients have become much more conscious of the need to preserve their capital. They also appreciate that capital growth is speculative and that rental income is far less so and is much more predictable and stable.

Whether you are thinking of retiring in the not-too-distant future, or just want to see money go into your bank account every month, the right property may be the ideal investment for you. Importantly, it must be the right property in the right location.

Unfortunately, whilst a heavily geared property or a London apartment with a net yield of 1% to 3% may be good for capital growth, neither will show a great rental income. For that, you need to look elsewhere and identify where there is strong rental demand and attractive yields on offer.

As our existing clients know, in addition to Hong Kong, we had an office in London from the mid-1990s until two years ago. We couldn’t find higher income opportunities there for our clients, so we looked to the north of England where yields are higher. It quickly became apparent there was an opportunity there in the co-living/HMO sector.

After spending more and more time ‘up north’ working on our acol co-living/HMO projects we relocated our office there in 2019. After twenty-eight years in Hong Kong and four years in London, it was certainly a change of pace, though I am glad we made the move and it is now our long-term home (said as a true Welshman).

Our acol projects will not suit every investor; for example, those seeking higher risk/higher reward capital growth opportunities. They are not speculative in nature and are suitable for investors who want an attractive and secure net rental income and capital growth in line with the sector/market.

We have been developers for over twenty years and have completed multiple projects. As developers we offer a full service from purchase through to letting/management and eventual resale. Many of our clients are repeat investors and most are based in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. From the outset our service has been tailored for overseas investors and is ideal for those who want a trouble-free, hands-off investment. You can find out more about us at our website https://stdavidgroup.com.

St David is a very personalised business where we built long-term relationships with our clients. We never forget that it takes a long time to build reputations and relationships, and only a single act of omission can destroy them. We firmly believe in ‘delivering the promise’ – has served us well so far and will continue to do so in the future.

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to consider our acol projects. We hope you will join us on the journey.


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