How our Syndicate Option is Wonderful for Some Clients, but Not All


Our private syndicates are popular with our clients. They are ideal for those investors who want a ‘hands off’ investment, with us handling every aspect of it.

We adopt this approach as it is impossible to quickly secure client consensus and consent for routine management decisions.

Our formal agreements set out the rights and obligations of all the parties. Nevertheless, our syndicate clients have to trust us to get on with the job and act in their best interests. If they are not comfortable with that level of trust, then a syndicated project is not for them.

Of course, major decisions are different, and we would always consult with our clients. However, these are rarely, if ever, required.

Naturally, some clients feel more comfortable with greater involvement in the management of their property investments. Others want more flexibility over when to sell and since the syndicates are relatively illiquid during the set investment period, they do not appeal.

They do appeal to clients who want to access our projects at a lower investment level and create more diversification within their property portfolio.

We don’t focus on offering private syndicates. We focus on developing the co-living/HMO and providing an ongoing letting and management service.

Our syndicates are simply an option for our clients and will appeal to some and not to others. As they say, ‘to each their own’.


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