Why We Don’t Use Agents to Present Our Opportunities


We are often asked why we don’t use outside agents/advisors to sell our properties. After all, we are developers and advisors so it would appear logical to employ such people to help us expand our sales. To put it simply: we want to deliver what we promise.

We have learned over the years that if we want happy and satisfied clients, all we must do is deliver what we have promised. It means we don’t have to take risks to exceed their expectations. We have also learned that we must live with statements we have made, including those made by outside parties long after they have departed the scene.

Unfortunately, some commissioned salespeople have been known to embellish the facts to help make a sale and others simply do not take the time to learn the intricacies of the product, resulting in the client’s false expectations and possible disappointment.

We are proud to work with a limited number of highly ethical intermediaries and associates. They refer clients to us, and we do the presentations. It works to the benefit of all parties. Importantly, it allows us to pass on to the client our knowledge and experience gained over twenty-five years in the property market. It also avoids any misunderstandings and holds us directly accountable for the statements we have made and upon which the client has based their decision.

Of course, it means more work and time commitment for us, but given our structure and size of operation, it works well.

In the long term, organisations live and die by the statements they make. We think our approach helps ensure we will be around for the long term. So far, so good.


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